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Anti static & ESD Epoxy flooring Singapore

Anti-static or electrostatic discharge ESD flooring Singapore may be the answer you're seeking for to safeguard your sensitive electronic equipment and devices against electrostatic discharge in a dependable and effective way. When you require anti-static flooring in Singapore, turn to TRION INDUSTRIAL SERVICES PTE LTD, a market leader in the industry. ESD flooring Singapore, often known as anti-static flooring, is a form of flooring that is meant to reduce the accumulation and release of static electricity. It is commonly fabricated from conductive or dissipative materials, which safely and efficiently discharge any accumulated static energy. ESD flooring Singapore for Critical Areas Computer rooms, data centers, and laboratories all benefit greatly from having anti-static flooring installed because of the prevalence of electronic equipment in these spaces. Damage from electrostatic discharge can be costly to fix or replace if suitable anti-static protection is not used. Advantages of Anti-Static Floors The use of anti-static flooring has a number of advantages. Sensitive equipment is safeguarded by anti-static flooring, which inhibits the accumulation and release of static electricity. By lowering the possibility of electric shock and other incidents, anti-static flooring significantly boosts workplace safety. Because of its low maintenance requirements, anti-static flooring can be installed in a variety of settings. Anti-static flooring Varieties Anti-static flooring can be either conductive or dissipative. Because of its low electrical resistance, conductive flooring effectively dissipates static energy. Static charge can be safely dissipated by dissipative flooring over a longer length of time due to its increased electrical resistance. TRION INDUSTRIAL SERVICES PTE LTD provides numerous options for anti-static flooring. Vinyl flooring built from conductive materials is the best option for areas with high levels of static electricity since it can discharge the charge fast. Vinyl flooring with built-in static dissipation is called dissipative flooring, and it's perfect for places where there's a lot of potential for static electricity to build up. Epoxy flooring can be customized to offer anti-static and chemical resistance features; it is a long-lasting, durable option. Which Anti-static flooring Is Best? It's important to consider the surroundings, the machinery, and the volume of foot traffic when selecting an anti-static floor. If you need assistance choosing an anti-static floor, TRION INDUSTRIAL SERVICES PTE LTD is here to help. ESD flooring Singapore, often known as anti-static, may be the solution you need to safeguard your expensive electronic equipment from damage. When you require flooring in Singapore, turn to TRION INDUSTRIAL SERVICES PTE LTD, a market leader in the industry. Protect your sensitive equipment and maintain a secure working atmosphere with the assistance of our knowledgeable staff as you choose the ideal anti-static flooring solution for your needs.

TRION Singapore and Malaysia provide Static Control solutions (ESD or Anti Static) to the operational usage requirement in tandem to the floor conditions for Cleanrooms, Electronics and Electronics warehousing industries.

TRION Anti Static system of average of 1 to 1.5mmT offers an inexpensive yet high specification means of protecting sensitive areas from the costly effects of static build up and provides a means of grounding personnel.



TRION Anti Static or disspitative or conductive floor has been widely used in electronic factories, computer room, printing factories, storage of expolosive materials, pharmaceutical plants and other factories and locations dealing with hazardous dust,inflammable gased or liquids.

TRION's belief with good surface preparation is the key to making it last as long as possible.With this belief, TRION has invested substantially in Japan Make floor scarifiyer machines and hand held grinding machines with vacuum attached. Unlike most of our competitors' machineries where the vacuum are separated, all

TRION's surface preparation scarifiyer has a built in vacuum which equates to almost dust free during floor preparation.



Key Specifications / Special Features:

Trion Anti Static Epoxy Floor Coatings (Avg. 1.0mm T to 1.5mm T)

Primer TR-SF,
Solvent-free TR-130,
Water-based TR-180,
  • Able to bond on mild damp / oily concrete surface
  • Act as sealer for concrete surface for dust prevention
  • Manufacturing area
  • Storage area
  • Laboratories
  • Clean Room
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Ground or upper floors
Seal Coat TR-200, Solvent-free
  • Seal off holes, crack-lines, crevices, etc
  • Prevents finishing coat from seeping into the concrete floor
Self-Smoothing Top Coat TR-200,Solvent-free
  • Provides gloss and smooth finish with compressive strength of 70N/mm2 (about 700kg/cm2)
Conductive Prime TR-130CP
  • Conducts electrostatic to ground
Anti-Static TR-200CP, Solvent-free
  • Provides surface resistivity between 104ohm to 107ohm